The Top 5 Best Braided Fishing Lines You Can Buy

If you are fishing for the best braided fishing line on the market, you probably know by now just how extensive your options are. There are so many choices that it can be difficult to get hooked on one line in particular.

Braided fishing lines are known for their high knot strength and they have a reputation as being very easy to cast far away. These factors make braided lines more attractive for deep sea fishing and other situations where you expect to encounter large fish. If you’re looking for the right braided fishing line for you, then this article should make things a little easier.

Below, we’ll look at five of the best braided fishing lines available today. By reviewing each option and comparing them to one another you’ll be better equipped to buy the braided fishing line that will best suit your needs.

The Top 5 Best Braided Fishing Lines (in no specific order)

Spiderwire Braided Stealth Superline

This line is available in lengths ranging from 125 yards all the way up to 500 yards, and the weight limits for this line range from 6 pounds to 80 pounds. Spiderwire’s new formula (comprised of Dyneema polyethylene microfiber) makes the line 30% stronger than it was before, and the camouflage color of the line makes it virtually impossible for fish to see easily.

Additionally, this line is known to be on the less expensive end of the braided line spectrum.

Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line

This line is slightly more expensive than some other lines, but you get an incredible amount of value for the money. Line diameters can be as small as .005 inches and these lines are available in lengths ranging from 150 yards to 3,000 yards.

The Spectra fiber is extra strong, and it is available in a wide variety of colors in order to meet your requirements depending on where you are fishing. Power Pro says that this line is ideal when fishing for bass, trout, walleye and panfish.

KastKing Super Power Braided Fishing Line

While some braided fishing lines make it difficult to tie proper knots, you’ll find this isn’t the case with the KastKing Super Power braided fishing line. The dynamically-incorporated multiple strands that comprise this line allow you to make solid, lasting knots in a variety of ways, and the extremely small diameter of this line translates into more line on the spool and less re-spooling.

Wind knots are less likely to occur with the KastKing line because of the low line memory, and this is also helpful in achieving longer, more accurate casts. To top it all off, the abrasion resistance of the KastKing Super Power braided fishing line means you have a better chance of losing a big catch, especially when you consider that these lines have zero stretch and are ultra-sensitive when compared to similarly-priced braided lines.

Generic 100% PE Braided Fishing Line

While this particular braided line doesn’t have a well-marketed brand name attached to the label, it overachieves in many of the categories that are importation to fishermen who depend on braided lines on a daily basis. One of the benefits of buying a generic fishing line is to cut down on costs.

A lot of the costs associated with braided fishing lines have to do with the brand name. Generic fishing lines are often just as effective and they can provide you with almost no stretch, superior abrasion resistance and are available in multiple sizes and test weights.

Piscifun Braided Fishing Line

This line is comprised of either four or eight high-strength strands, depending on the tensile strength you select. Casting distance and knot strength have been lauded by many consumers online via their reviews, and the epoxy coating of Piscifun lines prevent the line from becoming damaged too easily.

You can buy Piscifun braided fishing lines ranging from 150 yards all the way up to 547 yards, and tensile strength availability ranges from 10 pounds to 150 pounds. Each available length has multiple tensile strengths that you can choose from, depending on what you’re planning to catch.

Taking a Closer Look

In this section, we’ll briefly discuss what consumers have had to say about each of the braided fishing lines mentioned above. We’ll also give you our thoughts on each option since we’ve had a chance to try out each product on our own.

1. Spiderwire Braided Stealth Superline

The first thing you’ll notice about this Spiderwire line is the sleek packaging and camo-toned color of the line. It’s a stealth line, meaning that it will be incredibly hard for fish to notice the line in the water. This line is especially adept at bringing in larger fish that you might find during a deep-sea excursion. The price also makes this option very attractive for cost-conscious anglers.

Many fishermen who have first-hand experience with this line believe it’s a great value for the money and they claim that it’s easy to cast and very resistant to wind knots. The only drawback to this line, according to some customers, is that the line sometimes breaks before the maximum weight limit is reached.


  • Affordable
  • First-timer friendly in terms of casting
  • Knot resistant


  • -Line sometimes breaks before reaching maximum weight limit rating
  • Limited options for line length

2. Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line

Power Pro really outdid itself with the Spectra line. We had to look very closely at this line in order to review it accurately…because the line itself is so small. It isn’t often you find a braided fishing line that is only .005 inches in diameter. We immediately thought that this would lead to more breakage, but it held up just as well as thicker lines from other manufacturers.

Customers on Amazon have given this product a 5-star rating 75% of the time. Satisfied customers have said that they will never use another brand of braided line again after giving the Power Pro Spectra fiber line a try, and we’re inclined to agree. In fact, the only real downside to buying this braided line  is that it seems some people have complained about the packaging appearing damaged upon arrival. When we reviewed this line, however, the packaging was in pristine condition and the line works just as good as advertised, if not better.


  • Incredibly thin line and lines are available in varying diameters
  • No stretch for extra sensitivity to bites
  • Extremely knot resistant, even in windy and/or choppy conditions


  • Somewhat pricey
  • Low visibility of the line could cause entanglements with other lines
  • Occasional damage to packaging during shipping

3. KastKing Super Power Braided Fishing Line

The versatility of offerings provided by KastKing is unmatched. You can buy the Super Power braided fishing line in 5 colors, 3 length variations and 15 test weights. You can even choose between a four-strand or eight-strand version of this line.

You’d be hard-pressed to find any negative customer reviews regarding the KastKing Super Power braided fishing line. Virtually everyone who has bought this product online agrees that it suits multiple fishing needs, and it has super-low visibility to avoid scaring away “the big one.” Additionally, KastKing designed this line to have superior abrasion resistance to prevent you from losing fish once they have been hooked. In fact, the only downside to this product is the price — but if you’re a serious angler then the relatively high price compared to other braided lines shouldn’t be of much concern.


  • Wide variety of options in terms of line length, weight limit and color
  • Extremely strong considering the small diameter
  • Very reasonable pricing despite the advanced technology


  • Quickly shocking the line with heavier loads could cause occasional breaks
  • Spools may occasionally arrive with frays or appear to have been pre-stretched

4. Generic 100% PE Braided Fishing Line

Some anglers shy away from generic fishing lines and accessories, but this product epitomizes the phrase, “don’t knock it until you try it.” Don’t expect state-of-the-art, space-age technology with this braided line, but plan on bringing enough ice and a large cooler because this generic line can and will get the job done.

You might encounter some stretch with this line, and if the fish is very large or very feisty then you might lose it on occasion. For the casual fisherman, however, this line is an affordable and reliable way to fish for everything from bass to trout or any other small-to-midsize fish that you might encounter.


  • Low prices make this line ideal for beginners
  • Multiple lengths and weight limits available


  • Lack of color choices
  • Generic line means a possible lack of high-end company support in the event of issues
  • Tends to stretch somewhat
  • Buying this line via the Internet could lead to delays in delivery as item ships from China

5. Piscifun Braided Fishing Line

Piscifun prides itself on creating fishing lines that can withstand the elements over time, and this line definitely continues that standard of excellence. A quick search of consumer reviews for this product reveal that most buyers are more than satisfied with the lack of fraying.

In a world where braided lines tend to max out at four threads, Piscifun’s revolutionary eight-thread technology provides a stronger line that doesn’t stretch. Breakage is rare with this product, and it’s hard to beat the price — especially if you shop online.


  • Use of eight strands makes for an exceptionally strong line
  • Available in 7 colors, 3 lengths and 14 test weight limits
  • Epoxy coating helps to prevent line damage due to normal wear and tear


  • Louder and rougher than other lines when going through rod guides
  • Slightly more difficult to cast due to the high number of strands that make up the line and added weight
  • More difficult to tie knots with this line than with other braided lines

Valuable Information About Braided Fishing Lines

For individuals who might be unfamiliar with braided fishing lines, the main difference between a braided line and a mono line is all in the name — braided lines use multiple threads to create a stronger line, thus allowing you to go after larger fish.

What should you consider when shopping for the best braided fishing line? First, you’ll need to know what type(s) of fish are going to be in the area. The larger the fish, the stronger of a line you’ll need. Next, consider the type of water and environment you’ll be in because braided lines come in different colors. Last, you’ll want to make sure you use a line that has little to no stretch so you can start to reel in the fish as soon as it is hooked instead of giving it a chance to break free.

Braided fishing lines are produced by dozens, if not hundreds, of manufacturers. Many brands are known for producing lines that perform well in some categories but not so well in others. Some manufacturers are overseas, meaning you might have to wait for a while before receiving your package if you use the Internet to make your purchase. You’ll also want to check out each company’s refund and return policies just in case there is an issue with your order.

One important thing to keep in mind – that many anglers unfortunately forget about – is the fishing line company’s reputation. Do your due diligence by scouring the Internet for reviews of the company, as well as the specific product you’re considering. Amazon and Google are both widely-used by consumers to check out companies and products,

Which of the options listed above is the BEST braided fishing line?

Each of the braided fishing lines we discussed above has its own benefits and drawbacks, but only one of these products can claim the title of being the “best” line out there. Based on the hundreds of positive consumer reviews, as well as the versatility and durability of this fishing line, there is no doubt that the KastKing Super Power Braided Fishing Line is the best braided fishing line for the money.


The KastKing line is available in multiple lengths and colors. It has relatively low in-water visibility, and KastKing is known for producing ultra-strong lines that don’t stretch at all and are ultra-sensitive. This means a higher catch ratio, and thanks to the small diameter of KastKing lines you can add more to your reel than you can with other braided lines.

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