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How to Choose the Right Fly Line

My first angling was with a friend, who had everything ready. So when I decided to get my own fly fishing equipment, all the complexities unraveled itself. Everything had to be correct, and there is no room for I-will-think-of-that-later. The fly line bothered me the most. I spent hours online finding the answer to the ….  Read More

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Types of Water on Earth

types-water-earth How Much Do We Really Know? Are you kidding me? Of course, I know how many types of water the earth holds! There are two types. Now, if that’s your answer, I am sorry my friend. You are slightly off target. Types of Water on earth are more than two. Well, at least they ….  Read More

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Four Excellent Trout Fishing Tips

The purest form of fishing for rainbow trout is considered using a dry fly on fly fishing gear. However, many state fisheries agencies manage rainbows as a “put-and-take” fishery, meaning they are stocked by the thousands periodically on certain streams and rivers. Based on their abundance under this management approach, rainbow trout provide an excellent ….  Read More