Types of Water on Earth


How Much Do We Really Know? Are you kidding me? Of course, I know how many types of water the earth holds! There are two types. Now, if that’s your answer, I am sorry my friend. You are slightly off target. Types of Water on earth are more than two. Well, at least they are present in multiple forms.

In this article, you’ll get to know the types of water and the states it is in on the face of this earth. Being a fisherman, knowing all these states of water and the types will help you. As you’ll be able to discover what fishes you get where and how to catch them. So, let us get to the meaty part of the article.

First of All: Saltwater – The Largest Source!

I know most of my readers already know this fact. It is elementary, guys. Most of the surface water on earth is, you guessed it, “Saltwater.” For a tiny percentage who don’t know, 96% of Earth’s surface water is saltwater. This variant of water is found in oceans.

Naturally, most of the fishes on the earth can be found here. Some of the popular fish species that you can find here are:

  • Red Snapper,
  • Haring,
  • Prawn,
  • Tuna,
  • Tilapia,
  • Squid,
  • Crabs,
  • Bullhead, etc.

When you are fishing in saltwater, make sure you get an appropriate “Saltwater Fishing Reel.” If not, you are in for troubles regarding fly line snapping, debris getting stuck inside the spool, and even the equipment falling off at the last moment.

We have Our Freshwater Sources Next!

With the oceans of the earth covered, we now move to lakes and rivers (ponds also do nicely). We see quite a lot of these around ourselves right? So, there must be abundance of freshwater sources. There’s obviously a catch here.

Although there are a lot of rivers and lakes around but actually, we have a mere 2% of Freshwater available on earth’s surface. That is certainly not a lot. And the percentage is decreasing as the days go by. When you count the fishes, you have a wide diversity in there as well. Popular freshwater fishes are:

  • Sturgeon,
  • Carp,
  • Trout,
  • Eel,
  • Catfish, etc.

As we covered the two principle types of water in previous subheads, let us focus on different types of water depending on the location and the state the water is in for the next ones.

Water from the Springs!

Have you ever been to a hiking trip surrounded by rocky terrain? Or, a mountain bike trip perhaps? Places like those often have a spring high above ground. Those springs are rich with mineral-laced water.

People who have been to hills and mountains will even spot a puddle of water beneath the springs. These springs and poodles have water with sodium, calcium, magnesium and manganese.

If you are a skilled fisherman, you may be able to catch few of the most intriguing species of fishes from around these places. These fishes often camouflage themselves with the surroundings. You’ll have to be skilled to even find some of them. Let us look at some of the types of fishes you can find in places like near a spring.

  • Shad,
  • Florida’s Catfish,
  • Largemouth Bass,
  • Smallmouth Bass,
  • Bluegill,
  • Sunfish, etc.

What about the Water in a Frozen State?

Yeah. By that I mean the ice glaciers and caps that make up the north and south poles of the earth. Plus, you have these things lying around near the cold countries. These are sources of Freshwater as well.

You cannot normally fish in a solid icy ground. Do like the Eskimos do. Eskimos and professional ice-fishermen dig a hole into the ice. The hole is generally round in shape.

After that just put your fishing rod in the hole and wait. Fishes dwell in the “Liquidated” water under the hardened ice. In time, they’ll bite the bait and you’ll have your reward. Let us take a look at what types of fishes you are going to get in an icy region.

  • Lake Trout,
  • Herring,
  • Whitefish, etc.

Please be cautious while fishing in these areas. There are few dangers to ice fishing too if it is not done right. On the Brightside, Ice fishing contests are quite popular and will help you bring in a lot of prizes for yourselves.

The Water That’s Underground

Don’t tell me you don’t know this! At this age and time, people know that the earth has the major chunk of its water underground or buried under the surface. Although technically this is not “On” the surface, I still think it is worth a mention since we are on earth.

Essentially, we count the water type as freshwater as well. You will find 30.2% of total freshwater under the rocky surface of earth. If you want, you can count 0.5% water that is mixed with the soil in the mix too. You won’t find fishes in these waters. But people use the commodity by digging bore holes through the surface. They use it for irrigation, drinking, and even for various water-driven plants.

Final Words

The article on Types of Water on Earth represents different water types as well as states we find these types in. Although many categorize water in two major segments, I feel further categorizing it based on its current state should give fishermen a better chance to improve on their fishing.

Different water types and water bodies require different types of preparation while you are catching fishes. You need different clothes, different equipment, and sometimes, different baits as well. That is why I think my article on water types will help you to get a grip on your fishing skills as well.

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